I’d ordered an iPhone upgrade to a 7 Plus. I fought the bigger size last year. But, this year I wanted the camera. The 2x optical zoom to 10X digital zoom and the option to shoot portrait images. Not a big deal if you have another camera that will do these things. I don’t. This is my main computer and main camera.
The phone was due to arrive in mid October. But it arrived about Sept 26. My 6S battery was dying. In normal usage for 2-3 hours the battery would be almost dead. So, my initial plan was to drive to Albany, NY — the closest Apple Store to get the battery replaced. Then the new phone arrived. A much better plan… Setup the new phone. So, I did that. But I need a case. The one I ordered from Apple won’t be here for a week or more and I need to hike tomorrow. So, I’m goin’ to Best Buy near Burlington to get a case. I need a case of some kind for the hike tomorrow. With the phone being basically waterproofed, I’m not concerned about getting a waterproof case for hiking.

I do some computer support for the new Potters’ Guild Treasurer and then Sherman and I head for Best Buy. I keep being reminded how much I’m enjoy this part of the country. The small towns. The small roads. It’s all human sized.
I get a case and my new phone is setup. A successful day! Now to get ready for the hike tomorrow.
I get my day hike pack out of the van and start making piles of things we’ll need. After dinner, I pack it up and we’re ready.
The plan is to be at the trail head about 7:30. The hike is 11.5 miles. I’m told that both ends are difficult and the middle is pretty easy. We’ll see what we actually find. Lights out…