A recovery day today. I’m tired. Sherman seems ok.
We head out about 9am to Hancock, 45 minutes away. I drive over Lincoln Gap Road and over to VT 100 South. A beautiful drive. Over the gap the trees have much more fall color. Much more of the hillsides are in their brightening. In Hancock, I pick up my next food drop. This way I can pack for the next 6-7 days and not have to leave the trail in two days for a day to get food in Hancock.

We drive back over another route on VT 125, a scenic highway. It too is a beautiful drive over the text gap (big valley) we’ll hike through on the trail.
I get back to Bob and Chris’ about noon. It’s a cloudy day with rain expected for the next two days and it feels like 3-4 pm. Both the level of sunlight and the level of tiredness.
About 2pm Bob and I take Sherman and Nuka, their dog, to the high school to run. This is the first time the two of them have been in a running situation together. I’ve been reluctant to let Sherman run at their house for fear of him going down the hill to pester the sheep and possibly into the road. Here, they run and run for about an hour. It’s the first time they have fully played with each other. Nuka wants to wrestle with Sherman and is too big and rough for his tastes. Out here they have more parity as runners. After Sherman has burnt up his initial running energy, he’s laying in the grass near us. A school bus comes up the internal road by the fields and Sherman takes off to chase or race it. He’d gotten in the race the car habit at the dog park in Ojai. He’d see a car coming and would run to the fence and race it from one end of the dog park to the other feeling very proud of himself when he won the race. His run at and race with the school bus is the first time I’ve seen him do that “in the wild.” He stops while still on the grass and runs back to us. However, a bit later he takes off after a car coming to pick up a kid from the school bus. This time he follows the car and runs into the street and parking area in front of the building. There are two other cars coming in and he’s in the midst of them. This is NOT good. I whistle for him and after 3-4 times he runs back to where we’re standing in the field. It’s leash time.
I’m not a smart enough dog trainer to know how to deal with this. I can’t give him negative feedback when he runs back to me. That tells him something’s wrong with his coming when called. Not that he shouldn’t chase cars. This does let me know that my instincts are correct not to let him off the leash at their house where the sheep and road are nearby. I’m sure more will be revealed… I need to let it gestate and
Bob fired two kilns yesterday. A high fired reduction gas kiln and a pit-fired kiln. This is the first of two artist open studio weekends in Vermont. It coincides with the most typical high fall color weekends. In the late afternoon we go out to looked at the pit fired pots. I like many of them very much. The gas kiln will be opened tomorrow.