Rained during night. It’s foggy and on the verge of drizzle. It feels like 100% humidity. The weather feels slow down. We feed and pack. There’s a tiny spot of blue in the distance. We all intend for that blue dot to grow and cover the sky.
We head out about 9. The trail wet and the rocks and roots are slippery. Through the trees is a fine white veil. We’re doing The Cloud Walk!

Water drips from trees. It splashes as we brush past. For the first time there are lakes on the trail. Some are impossible to circumvent. I my feet are wet. Sherman is wet up to his belly. The color of his fur changes from wet white to wet black many times during the day.
There are a few steep areas, but the tread is much less challenging than the prior 4 weeks. We also meet a new rock. It may be related to schist, but it has much more mica in it. The surface is shiny silver and it’s very slippery. It’s in pieces up to 12-14 inches. So we haven’t had to go up or down it.

The afternoon feels that it’s lightening up. More light is getting through. Then an hour later it really closes in. Heavy fog. We can still see the trail and maybe 20-30 feet into the woods.
From looking at the GPS I know we’re getting close to the camp. As we walk the mind is asking, “Aren’t we there yet?” I’m chuckling at the show, and it continues for the next 30 minutes until we arrive at a sign pointing to the trail to Skyline Camp. Hikers have told us how amazing the spot is. Right on the lake with a beautiful view of the lake and mountains.
We get to camp about 3. There are 2 hikers there. A couple who just moved from Hawaii and are hiking the LT. The lake is not visible from the camp. We are in a bowl of white.
I go down to the lake for water.

Sherman is very wet. I take off his pack and brush him out. I don’t know how to get him dry enough to sleep on the quilt. Down doesn’t insulate when it’s wet. It’s cooling down outside. The only way I can think of to warm him up is to have him on my lap curled up while I make dinner. Some of his wet soaks into my pants. Some evaporates.
When we go bed I put the Frog-Toggs rain-pants I’ve cut apart and taped back together to make a moisture barrier for this situation. It’s not been tested–until now.

He’s dried out considerably on my lap. Belly dry. Legs moist. He snuggles between my legs on the yellow barrier. He doesn’t mind. His main issue is that he’s curled up between my legs which is the warmest place. Hours later he comes up and gives me a little lick. This is his newly created signal that he wants to come under the quilt. I feel his legs and the are dry!! The strategy worked!
We snuggle in and he’s there, under the quilt, switching sides as I turn most of the night. I think he gets out once and curls up behind my knees for awhile. Then that little lick again…