After the fog-in yesterday, to awaken with the air clear of suspended water feels like the inner space has expanded exponentially. I’m the first one up and Sherman and I go out to pee. The sun is just coloring the horizon over Skyline Pond. I watch for awhile as the colors darken and spread along the mountain profiles.

I go to the lake for water.

And turn around to look at the Lodge.

This is the pond NOT fogged in!
As we begin hiking the humidity has formed some clouds which occasionally hide the direct sunlight. Most of the trail lakes have been drained. The water passing into the already moist ground. This is amazing to me. The ground is so wet. And yet, it is porous enough that water can pass through. In the west I’ve gotten used to the ground being either wet and saturated or dry.
I name today Mushroom Day. I’m very fascinated by the variety of mushrooms and other fungi. So, today I start documenting the various mushrooms and fungi we pass.
Humidity is down. The body feels expansive. As if there’s less pressure on it.
.Leaves on the trail.
We stop at Boyce Shelter for a rest and snack. The clouds continue to occasionally pass in front of the sun until abut 1 when it’s full sun. The light and warmth are spectacular after the two days of doing the cloud walk. Sherman returns to being a white hiking dog!.
There’s a long steep climb to Mt Worth summit where there’s a ski resort and wonderful open vistas. The colors are peaking.

We then go down, down, down to Sucker Brook Shelter.
We enter the Breadloaf Wilderness. The Wilderness areas are protected from human impact. They have a special energy. A quietness…
Occasionally the trail passes through these fern gardens.
This is what the trail looks like where the trees have begun to shed their leaves. Can you tell where it goes?

I love walking across these abstract pointillist paintings.
When we arrive at Sucker Brook Shelter there are two guys–old friends–who are thru-hiking north. They make room for Sherman and I by moving apart towards the outsides of the platform. That seems odd to me at the time. Later I discover that after 2 weeks, they are having a difficult time hiking together. They have different wants and styles that have momentarily lost the ability to co-exist. And, they didn’t bring the frustration into the space. Nice.
Sherman likes them both and goes back and forth between them for pets. They oblige…