We all wake up at 5:30 with the first light. The other two guys start getting up and packing. I like more light. To be able to see a bit. Sherman says good morning to Bob. Then comes over to me and I pull him under the quilt.
About 6, I push the quilt back and Sherman pops up. The day has begun. I have breakfast. Sherman defers. The light is filtering through the trees. The crowns of the trees are glowing in the early rays. It’s a sunny day!! After two days of rain, drizzle and fog, the sun is like a hot shower after a week of only cold water.

The trail goes up steeply but is quite smooth compared to what we’ve traversed so far. At the summit of Gillespie Peak, a tree covered mountain, the trail winds along the ridge for quite a while.
img_1114.jpgAnd occasionally also down.
There’s a rocky section going up to Horrid Peak where these photos were taken.
What’s the history of this mountain’s name? Coming down off Horid Peak, the last steep downhill to Brandon Gap, is a jumble of large boulders. In some places they are somehow moved around into a semblance of stairs. But mostly they are just a pile that fell down the mountain. I’m very glad to be coming down and not going up! Wish I’d remembered to take a photo here…
We cross the road and begin our ascent. The elevation profile looks like this will be a gradual up and then a gradual down. We’ll see. We arrive at Sunrise Shelter in 4.5 hours. We are on schedule today! We share a foil package of salmon for lunch. Sherman likes salmon today.
The tread for much of today. This allows us to move at over 2 mph. High speed on this trail!
Sherman goes down a wooden ladder.
Is this another form of tree reproduction?
We head out toward David Logan. The trail is the easiest tread we’ve walked on yet. We’re racing the sunlight. It’s 2:30 when we leave Sunrise Shelter. That gives us 4 hours of sunlight. The trail guide says it’s a 4.25 hour hike to David Logan. This means we need to keep moving at maximum safe speed and only take breaks when necessary.
I decide that I’ll not take any mushroom pics for the rest of the day. And then we come to a rushing creek. OMG!! All the time saving priorities just moved down the list. This creek means I can do a wipe down and rinse out my shirt. This is an always on the list priority. The mitigating circumstance is enough volume of running water in a creek or stream. There aren’t that many.
Clean wearing a freshly rinsed shirt we start toward David Logan again. The bath and laundry took about 15 minutes. So… now we need to stay more focused on our progress.
Sherman has been obsessed with some scent for the last hour. So he’s now in the leash. Not always the fastest hiking as his nose is still working. All the intentions are being confounded by the realities of the hike. Onward! It’s all that’s left.
We get to David Logan Shelter at 6:30.

Right on schedule. Tired. Three people are here already. We introduce ourselves and discover that the couple about my age are Lyric’s parents. Yes, Lyrics parents are here!! They were going to meet her on the trail near here and hike together for awhile. Then Lyric saw she needed to leave the trail. Her parents, Lyn and Ric decided to hike a section anyway. They thru-hiked the LT 30 plus years ago. It’s so good to meet them. Sherman agrees. He likes them immediately. Must recognize them as family. Lyn says she has on Lyric’s jacket. Maybe it’s a smell thing.
After the introductions it’s dark. Food and bed setup in the dark with a headlamp. It’s slow, but it all works.