I think about staying are the Inn at Killington. It has a great reputation amongst hikers. And Bob and Chris again offer to come pick us up. We arrange the pickup.
In the morning, we get ready and start the hike to VT 4. This road goes into Rutland. One of Vermont’s bigger cities. We have about a mile and a half hike to the road. The trail is a nice walk through the woods. Gradually downhill. Occasional rocks.

About 10 minutes on the trail an owl hoots and swoops down over Sherman and up into a nearby tree. It hoots many more times. We stop and both look at it sitting there and talking. I hoot back. It’s not fooled. No reply hooting.
Though Sherman has learned how to navigate the mud, he hasn’t learned that leaves on water and not the same as leaves on dirt. He frequently takes a step onto the water leaves and gets wet.

Gotta say again how much I love walking on this glorious carpet!
Chris picks us up and we drive back through on scenic highways where the fall colors are about to peak. It’s one of the best fall displays I’ve ever seen!

Two views through the van windshield.

Three different zooms of the same scene from the road at it’s highest on Appalachian Gap.

Three zooms of the scene from the lake in the above photos. We stop and I walk to the shore.
In Bristol
– I wash clothes , including my down jacket and fully dry the down quilt.
– I take a hot shower and think of scenes in movies and TV shows where someone in the 17-1800’s is getting into a bathtub after hot water has been poured in. These scenes are just not realistic. After either not bathing for days (or weeks) or bathing in cold water for days or weeks, the experience of hot water is ecstatic.
– I repack all our clothes and bedding.
– I rethink the timeline and decide to change 4 food drops into 2. This means we’ll have to carry more food at the beginning each segment, but will stop less, and so will be done many days sooner. It’s getting cold and the feeling of racing winter is in the air. Not ever a big snowfall, but rain and ice is more of a worry climbing around on the mountains.
– I feel the soreness and tiredness in my knees
– I have an intense craving for raw calories. This becomes M&Ms – Bite sized Hershey’s Bars – Snickers.
– I bring some Hershey bars and Snickers for the rest of the trail
– I buy a pair of Stabil-icers. Rubbery things that have short, sharp, curved metal protruding from the rubber bottoms. They’re designed to give enough grip to not slip and fall on ice. Winter is coming. It’s going to rain some. It’s going to be cold. I hope I don’t need them. And, I don’t want to be in the mountain wilderness with ice on the rocks.
– I change Sherman’s raincoat for his warm fleece coat. I try it on him and he’s not thrilled. He may change his opinion in the middle of a cold night.
– I take Sherman to the high school to run
The high school field where Sherman and Nuka run and play.

Sumac on the edge of the field.
Wondrous clouds.
This neon tree is in a construction zone behind ¬†Shaw’s Market. All alone. Shining bright!

This is a 1x and 2x of another neon tree just down the street from the construction.

A maple close to the house and at 2x.
And, we all have a good time with the absurdity of The Donald and other political oddities of our times. We talk pottery, travel, art, dogs, food, books, history and many other delicious shared interests.