Posts from 10/13 through 10/16
A Zero Day. No hiking miles. But…
– Hand wash laundry
– Total brushing of Sherman, including undercoat brush
– Update blog — will attempt to get fully up to date
– A few personal phone calls
About 8:30 we head for Bob’s Diner. It’s a half mile down the road and the closest eatery to the Chalet Motel.

fullsizeoutput_241f A bush in front of another motel on the way to Bob’s Diner.
fullsizeoutput_2420Across the street is this small solar array next to a small retail shop.I wonder if it powers the shop?
I decide to take Sherman into the Diner. I pick him up and stand in line. People look. Waitresses look. One finally asks if he’s a service dog. I say yes, but I don’t have any of his gear with me while we’re hiking. I’m holding him so that he’s not under foot. I order a takeout Greek Omelet, 2 scrambled eggs for Sherman and 2 cups of coffee. When it’s ready, I wonder how I’m going to get it back to the Motel? I figure out a way to carry it that will depend on Sherman not pulling hard on his leash along the way. He gets the message and walks quietly along the highway with me to our classy room.
I open his scrambled eggs. It looks like 4 large eggs. I must have gotten 2 orders of scrambled rather than 2 eggs. I cut it up, give him a sniff, he’s laying on the bed again, and put the dish on the floor. Within 5 minutes he’s down on the floor and eats 90% of it. I take longer with my omelette, potatoes, english muffin, and coffee. “Real” food is amazing after eating trail food for days!
Some laundry. Some writing. Now to some blog updating.