The story is now up to date!
We’re headed to Williamstown, MA to spend the night in a motel tomorrow, Monday. I can leave the van there until we return. Tues morning at 7:30 we’ll get a ride to the trailhead where we got off the trail and hike about 10 miles to a shelter. Then, Wed morning we’ll hike 3 miles to the Southern Terminus of The Long Trail completing our journey. Then hike 3 more miles to the Pine Cobble Trailhead. From there, it’s about a mile to the motel where we’ll get the van and drive back to Bob and Chris’ house in Bristol.
Another Zero Day with…
– food organizing
– blog updating
– dog walking/running at the High School
– helping Bob with some computer stuff
– helping the Potter’s Guild with some computer stuff
– finish some computer stuff for a client
– make a motel reservation for tomorrow night
– setup a drive from the motel to the trailhead Tues morning

SNOW!!! First snow of the year.