Spent the day getting ready to complete the Long Trail.
– Found a motel near the trail end that allows dogs and will let me leave the van there for 2 days. Made a reservation for this evening.
– Found a Trail Angel who will pick us up tomorrow morning at 7:30 and drive us to the trailhead where we got off on Friday. She asked for $10 to cover gas. I’ll give her $20.
– Packed food and clothes for a 2-day hike.

Across the road from Bob and Chris’ today. The colors have just peaked in central Vermont and the leaves are just beginning to fall. When I’ve been in the Green Mountains, the peak has already passed.
It’s going to be cold tomorrow night. Forecast is about 28 in Bennington and Williamstown. We’ll be at 2200 ft., so the temp will be closer to 20. My quilt says it’s good to 20. Sherman and I were warm about 10 days ago when the temp was about 28 and we had a hard frost. So, I have all the layers needed for me to stay warm. With him under the quilt, I’m guessing the air temp will be about 60 in our down quilt tent.
So… the plan is to hike 11.3 miles to Seth Warner Shelter. Then it’s 3 miles to the Southern Terminus and 4.5 miles back to the motel. A 7.5 mile day on Wednesday. Then we get in the van and drive the 2.5 hours back to Bob and Chris’ in Bristol.
On the drive down today on VT 7 headed south, there was a dusting of snow on the eastern facing steep section of the mountains down to the Bennington area. The western facing mountains were without snow. This means we may find some snow in the mountains as we begin our hike tomorrow. The reports are that there was not more than 1″ of snow when it fell 2 days ago. It’s been above freezing since. So, the dusting I could see has to be in areas that haven’t gotten any sun warming. We’ll see what we find. If we run into too much snow to follow the trail, we’ll turn around and head back to the Bennington trailhead. This isn’t at all what I’m expecting, but it’s important to have a plan for the best and worst scenarios.
We’re in the motel. We’ve eaten dinner. We’re about ready to go to sleep. We have an early and long day tomorrow.