The featured image here is from Sept 5th. Day 1 on the journey. Feels like many, many lifetimes ago…
Today, October 27th, is a lazy day…
Rest and recuperation.
Starting to organize the food left over.
Organizing gear into that to return to my Hiking box and that to store elsewhere
Starting to listen to the inner whispers of what’s next
Help Bob with some computer issues and changes in some practices and procedures
We will probably be here about another week. Do a few day trips to visit old friends in the area. A massage on Tuesday. May take Sherman to a local vet for blood-work to be sure he didn’t pickup any of the possible water-born bugs out there. No symptoms. Just feels like a sensible precaution.
There are a few additional posts to make. The mushrooms and fungi. A post-hike review. A group of misc stuff that didn’t make it into the daily posts. Some thoughts and inner experiences from the trail.
Sherman loves being here.
He’s wound his way into Bob, Chris and Nuka’s hearts.
And they into his.
And mine…
Blessings to all…