The drive from Amherst to Windsor is uneventful. As we get close to Windsor the towns and the roads get smaller. The towns are such classic small town New England towns. There’s a flavor of life in New England. Relaxed. Traditional. Practical. Pragmatic. Simple beauty… It still resonates with me as a feeling of home.
We arrive at Harry and Elizabeth Spring’s home, studio, gallery in the mid-afternoon. These are people that I met in Ojai through a mutual friend. There was an immediate connection, but we didn’t arrange our lives to spend much time together. The magnet was still on, so I drove over to hang out with them for a few days.

Harry and Elizabeth are potters. They began making pottery individually and at some point joined forces. Elizabeth is also an astrologer and author. I just finished listening via Audible to her non-astrology book, “Sweet Synchronicity: Finding Annie Besant and Krishnamurti.” Having, many years ago, devoured every book I could find of Krishnamurti’s recorded talks and dialogs plus all of the biographies, I have a great fondness for the Besant and Krishnamurti story. Krishnamurti’s work was very transformational in my life. If you have any resonance with Krishnamurti or Annie Besant, read this book! It’s an inspiring weave of Elizabeth’s resonance with Annie, plus her unfolding discovery of how their lives mesh though separated by 100 years. Plus the amazing string of sweet syncronicities that led her — and Harry — to discover and write a biography of Annie and Krishnamurti that is not a rehash of the “official” ones. I loved it!
Each morning Sherman and I went for a walk through their sweet little town and along the ocean inlet.
The harbor.
Who woulda guessed?
Our first evening was a getting to know each other better through storytelling and heart sharing. The ground was set for a wonderful time together. I’d met Harry and Elizabeth in Ojai, but not spent much time with them. I fell in love with them both in our couple days together and hope to create more connection time.
Harry, Sherman and I go for a walk through the local woods along an old railroad track and waterways. As I’m writing this I realize I don’t know if this water is fresh, ocean or brackish…

Elizabeth takes Sherman and I for a tour, visiting some of her favorite areas and showing me the places they’d had studios and houses over the past decades. Rhode Island just isn’t on my radar. Eben went to RISD in Providence, but I never had a sense of the state. I know — 3 days in one area doesn’t equal knowing a state, but I get a really good vibe here.
Spring Pottery:
Life Direction and Soul Purpose; Astrological Readings and Jungian Counseling:
I love the look and feel of old, small New England towns, nestled around the mountains and rivers. In Rhode Island that includes the many inlets along the coast.
After a couple days, we head out. I want to get to Michigan by Thanksgiving, so we head to Windsor, NY.