Nov, 24th: We get up and take another walk along the river. Then, on to dad’s. It’s about a 6 hour drive to his place. I call him to say we’re coming. No answer. I leave a message. When we arrive I call to tell him we’re here. No answer. I call my sister. He was with her yesterday and getting a ride home with her brother-in-law. Did she know if he’d left yet? She knew he was home. OK. Phone probably off. So Sherman and I go into CRC (Chelsea Retirement Community) to look for him. We’re on our way to the elevator when we see him on the mezzanine. He’s surprised to see us. Didn’t expect us till tomorrow. And, yep, phone on silent. It has some sneaky way of turning itself onto silent while in his pants pocket.
Monday night is Shuffleboard. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday night is Bridge. Tuesday afternoon is Sit-down Volleyball. Gotta say, Sit-down Volleyball is a hoot.

I stay for 10 days. Enjoy spending time with my dad and befriending some of the other residents. I see my mom 4 times I think. She no longer knows who I am. I show her old pictures and she doesn’t recognize anyone, herself included. But she appreciates the pictures as pictures or unknown people and makes an occasional comment or chuckle.
My last lunch with mom before I leave.
Dad and Sherman — very loving friends.
Dec 3rd: On Saturday we are invited by one of his friends to join him for the annual Handel’s Messiah performance at the University of Michigan theater. He’s been given 4 tickets by one of the staff. We accept.
The performance is spectacular. A very emotional, penetrating creation. And the theater is beautiful with wonderful acoustics. We are in the last row of the balcony and can see and hear very clearly.

It’s time for me to head to New Mexico for the winter. We drive off the morning of Dec 6th.