A long day of driving. It’s VERY cold outside and we’re heading south as fast as we can go, stopping to get gas, pee and take short walks. We stop in a Rest Area north of Cairo, IL.
In the morning, it’s a sunny and the air is warming. I look on the may for a place nearby to take Sherman for a good walk, or maybe let him run. I see a park at the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. Fort Defiance State Park. I have no idea what’s there, but the rivers.
The drive into and through Cairo is depressing. This was probably a small thriving area when the rivers were main avenues off travel. But now, they are sad. We make it to the park. The old Fort is long gone. There are large open field in the rivers crotch. We park and I put Sherman on a 15 foot leash to give him some room to move and we check out the area. There are too many stickers in large areas of the fields. Lots of puncture vine. So, it’s leash time. But there is a large area to wander around. Near the junction of the rivers is a viewing building that’s built kinda like the bow of a boat. We go up there and don’t get the point. The view of the rivers is poor and there’s nothing to see in the distance. Who designed this?

So, we wander up, down and around the river banks watching the barges, tugboats and occasional squirrel. After about an hour, it’s time to hit the road again. The target today is Dallas. Another long haul, but it’ll get us south of the coldest weather.
Barges at work.
The view up the Ohio River.
The view up the Mississippi River.
Where we are. Fort Defiance at the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.