Another long, long driving day. We make it to within an hour of Dallas. I tried to get ahold of a friend north of Dallas, but he’s out of town. It’s dark and raining, so we drive a half hour off the freeway to a little county park on a reservoir named Lake Bob Sandlin. I found this place on They say I need to register with the ranger, but all the buildings are locked up. So, I pick a spot near the water, we take a short pee walk in the rain and hunker down in the van for dinner and sleep. The low tonight will be in the mid-40’s. Big difference from last night around 20F.

Big Reservoir just off he freeway. A good find for a place to spend the night.

On the peninsula.
About 9pm a car drives up. It’s The Ranger! I give him some info to fill out his form. We talk about the park. He says it’s mostly used by locals as a fishing, swimming and weekend camping spot. I get my copy of the form. No charge. We say goodnight. Sherman and I turn in. It’s still raining.
We drive by this church on our way back to the freeway. To my SoCal mind this could only be in Texas.