We wake to sunshine and take a walk around the park. There’s a water plant here, but it’s too small to be a waste treatment plant. Must be a pump station for supplying water to the surrounding area. This was a great place to spend the night on our way to NM, but not a park I’d come to for recreation. Maybe if I had a boat… The reservoir is big and the water seems very clean.
So, it’s another long driving day. I’d like to make it to the western side of TX. Damn, this is a wide state. At least the speed limit is 80! As we drive west all day, the winds pick up and the temperature plummets. About 7pm, I’m tired. The windchill is brutal. It’s motel time.
The next town of any size is Pecos. So, we’ll stop there. I wonder if it’s the home of Disney’s Pecos Bill? I stop at one of the motels that doesn’t charge extra for dogs. As I fill out the registration info, the woman at the counter says she grew up in San Jose, CA. I asked how she got here? “A long story.” One that she’s not going to tell me. I mention that I’m certainly buzzed from driving 80mph on the freeway. She says how night it is to be able to get places quickly, but that the accidents are horrible.
Sherman and I have dinner in the room and as needed go out quickly for doggy bathroom duty. We spend a quiet, restful night.