Morning in Pecos, TX is VERY cold. The temp is about 22F, with a steady breeze. The “feels like” temp is about 16F. I am very happy that we are in a motel and not the van in a Walmart or Truck Stop parking lot. (There aren’t any parks nearby.)
Looking at the map in the morning, there are two possible ways to get to the Deming/Silver Springs, NM area. One is continuing on I-20 to merge onto I-10 to Deming. The other is to go north from Pecos on what’s called Texas Mountain Road. The guesstimated drive time is another 30 minutes through the mountains. I’m so tired of freeway driving I take the northern route.
This drive through some very desolate Texas rangeland with occasional oil well groupings. As we near the New Mexico border, we turn west into Guadalupe Mountains National Park. We drive into beautiful rocky mountains with a little snow on the ground. As we climb, there’s fog in the distance. We enter the fog and a frozen wonderland. All the plants are covered in frozen snow. The fog is intermittently so thick we slow down to 20 mph.

At a rest stop, I take a couple photos and check the thickness of the snow. About 6 inches. After the pass, we head down into Salt Flat, TX and on to El Paso. Here we head north into New Mexico.
At Las Cruses we head west to Deming.
I’d just buzzed south from my dad’s in MI. Long days on the freeway. First day to southern Illinois. The 2nd day to a park about an hour from Dallas. the third day to Pecos, TX. And today… finally to Rock City State Park, about 45 minutes south of Silver City.
This park is AMAZING! It reminds me of Joshua Tree State Park and the rocks around Lone Pine, CA.
The ranger who checked us in is beautiful, big smile, friendly. There are not more that a half dozen people camped here at present. She recommends a specific site with a power pole available if we need it. We go look and snag it. Right next to the Botanical Garden.
It’s a single site, that allows me to pull the van in between 3 rocks so we’ll be shielded from the wind on any cold, windy day or night. The picnic table is tucked up against a big rock with view across a huge vista.
We walk about half the circumference of the camp road, then organize for food and sleep.
Looks like a Rock Sheep!

We’ve landed in an alien landscape…