The last couple days in Rock City have been amazing. The energy here is so expansive. It’s not just the open horizon, there’s an energy here in the land. We’ve walked around, over and through the rocks for hours each day. Gone on a few of the shorter trails, and we went on a guided hike with a Ranger on a new trail that was mostly a bird watching hike. I was the only one without binoculars.
More Rock City Pics:
Rock City Park from the road.

Table Top Mountain
The Sentry
On Saturday we go into Silver City for the 1st time. What a great town. It’s an old 60’s-70’s hippie town. Downtown filled with small businesses, restaurants, places to sit outside, a big Food Coop and a restaurant owned by the Coop. We walk around for a couple hours checking out places to hang out with internet access, looking at small shops to see what they offer. Then back to Rock City before dark.
Sunday we go into Demming to see if it too has a cool downtown, etc. It doesn’t . It has the feel more like an industrial town. It does have an outdoor mall with big box stores, which Silver City doesn’t.
And it has a nice new park downtown with a huge pottery shaped fountain.
And And it has an ancient outhouse downtown in a garden by one of the parking areas. As you can see it’s locked. And as you can’t see the toilet is ancient and black with… dirt?
I get a text message from my dad that mom is in the hospital with a lung infection. I call him and get the details. They’re giving her antibiotics. She seems comfortable. I ask him to send me messages as things change. I won’t pick them up unless I go about 10 miles from Rock City. Could be a couple days.
Monday and Tuesday we stay home and hang out. Walking around the rocks. Sitting in cool little alcoves for awhile, then moving one. Also feeling other camping sites to see which ones call to me that we can stay in at other times. I go to visit the closest Post Office about 12 miles away. No new messages from dad.
Rock City Park from the road into the park.
Yes. They do Geo-Engineering in NM too… Sad…
On Wednesday, today, Sherman and I go to Silver City for a 2nd time. We walk around for a bit, then sit and I get online for a couple hours. I forgot about checking my phone. When I look there’s a message from dad. Mom’s not responded to the antibiotics. She’s off all palliative care and going back to her room at Towsley Memory Care. Hospice has been called.
Dad can’t talk on the phone, so I talk with my sister, Sharon. The hospice nurse said she thought she’d be gone with in 2 days. Sharon’s headed down today to be with them. I say I’m driving back. I need to pick up a few things from the campsite, then we’ll hit the road. It’s a long 3 day drive. I hope to arrive before she dies. There are winter storms predicted that may hit Ohio and Michigan when I want to be driving there. We’ll see how it all coordinates.
I get a call from Sharon about 6pm that she died. Quickly and painlessly. So, I’m headed back to be with family and provide what support I can.