We arrive around lunch time. Bring our stuff up to my dad’s apartment. My sister is here. It is good to be together. We eat lunch and I get brought up to date. The plans that have been made. What still needs to be done. Sharon has a list of things she’s been working on related to the memorial and the cremation.
Dad talks about it being hard for him during a couple hours when she had difficulty breathing and was gasping. Then she quieted down and was pretty quiet until she died.
We mostly spent the day together talking about mom, about our recent lives, about what there is to do before the memorial Monday. They had already met with Cathy, the pastor about the service. I said I wanted to talk, and Sharon sent Cathy an email to that effect.
My mind had already been at work on what was there for me to talk about. To share. Tomorrow, I’d start to write it down.
It’s good to be here. Driving back was definitely the right thing to do. Wow, am I tired!