Thee weather is cold. Near zero in the morning. I make Sherman wear his coat for our daily 2 mile morning walk. He’s not happy about it. After about 10 minutes of resistance with an “are you kidding” attitude, he submits.

Most of the preparations are done. Sharon’s done most of it. The biggest thing left is putting the photo montages together.

In the afternoon, I went down to the restaurant to sit and write. In about 2 hours I got the bones of what I want to say together. Later I read my way through it. It’s about 20 minutes. Well, I’ve been told I have 3-4 minutes. So, I begin editing. Getting down to the bones.
After dinner Sharon and I sorted the photos and lay them out on two photo boards.
As we went through them, we told their stories. Some we didn’t know the “actual” story and made up one. It was our little celebration of mom’s life.
On a fishing vacation with her mom and dad. Her dad loved fishing and the family organized vacations around his being able to fish. She’s about 14 here.
A school photo. Hand colored. About 16.
The photo my dad carried in his wallet for decades. She’s a junior in high school.

Junior or Senior in High School with her dad.
Probably after high school. Maybe 19.
Married. 1949. 21 years old.

Sharon born, June 15, 1953
I’m 3. Sharon’s a couple months. Mom’s 25. Also staring dad and Ummie (her mother).
I’m 9. Sharon’s 6. Mom’s 31.
On the beach at Luddington, MI. We went here for many vacations. Big sand dunes on Lake Michigan. Great water. Tides. Rivers running into the lake that we played in. Love this pic! She’s probably about 35 here.
2001 at Cynthia’s cabin in the Sierra’s. She’s 73.
Hanging outside at their condo.

With her mother. She’s in her 70’s. Her mom (Ummie to we grandkids) is in her 90’s.

Visiting them in Pinkney, MI. The photo from back left, Dad, Mom, Eben. Front left Ummie (my grandmother, mom’s mom), Susan (Eben’s 1st wife) Mom’s in mid 70’s.

Mom and I in 2013. She’s 85. Living in a Alzheimers/Demintia complex in the CRC community. This is the last time I saw her where she clearly knew who I was.

Photos of her from 2013 also.
We finish with the photo journey…
Sharon’s husband, Ed, in coming tomorrow afternoon so he’s here for the memorial. Her daughter Megan and family is coming on Monday. I’ve never met her husband, Jamie in the 10 years they’ve been married.