In the morning we double-check the list for the memorial tomorrow. All is good.
Sharon’s husband, Ed, arrives in the early afternoon while we’re at lunch. It’s good to see him. I haven’t seen Ed in many years.
They live in Gaylord, MI. Snow country. He drove through a storm and into just plain cold on his way to Chelsea. He joins us for lunch, then wants to go upstairs and watch the Detroit Lions football game.
I need to spend more time editing, so go back to the restaurant downstairs. It’s closed on the weekends, so I have a nice corner booth to myself. I get the eulogy down to about 5 minutes and decide that’s good enough. That I’ll use what I have as an outline and edit some more as I’m talking. Going with the flow, as it’s said.
I get a call from dad about dinner. It’s 6pm. I’m mostly done with the eulogy prep and feeling ready to share tomorrow. I take the laptop upstairs. Sharon and Ed have gone to the motel where they’re staying. I take Sherman for a walk and then dad and I go to dinner.
Sherman discovers that he loves to shred small light-weight cardboard boxes. Like tea boxes.