0923: Day 12

0923: Day 12

September 23: Zero Miles

The featured image is a pastel in the room where we’re staying. Love it!

The ankle…

It’s about the same as last night. Slightly injured. Full mobility in terms of walking and squatting. But strained in terms of rolling outward.

So… we’re done.

It’s been an interesting process over the last 24 hours. The conflicting desires to finish the hike and to honor the fact of the injury.

Being true to what is… the rolled ankle… (more…)

0922 TRT: Day 11

0922 TRT: Day 11

September 22: 14 miles

Watson Lake to Tahoe City

In my mind I want to get up early and be hiking by 8. Such a sucker for ideal plans! We’re hiking at 9:30…

Remember on an earlier day my asking why it’s taking longer to get packed and going on the TRT that it did on The Long Trail? Well, there were Shelters on The Long Trail. We only slept in the tent three times. The tent takes 20 minutes to setup or take down. The gear in the tent is harder to get in and out and has to be organized along the sides. In the shelters there’s no space constraint. Ha… took 10 days to recall and understand that!

Today is going to be a long day. (more…)

0921 TRT: Day 10

0921 TRT: Day 10

September 21: 6 miles

Brockwood Summit Trailhead to Watson Lake

The night time temps are still around 30. The wind has calmed to light breezes, which makes the “feels like” temp much more pleasant not only in the tent but outside.

I keep “wanting” to get up early and get going… But the warmth of the tent, the quilt, Sherman under the quilt with me is a more immediate and present experience of coziness, stillness and peace. So, we doze together until the sun is above the mountains and the air begins to warm.

Sherman’s support while I am outside gathering our Ursak bags, organizing packs, breakfast, etc. (more…)

0920 TRT: Day 9

0920 TRT: Day 9

September 20: 11miles

Gray Lake to Brockway Summit Trailhead

The night was mostly calm, but a cold wind has arisen as the morning light begins to show. We go for a quick nature walk where I also gather our food bags, then back under the quilt for 30 minutes.

We eat. I pack. I go to the lake outlet to wash out my 2nd pair of socks. When I’m done my hands are painfully cold. I put gloves on and wait for the pain to subside and enough feeling to return to finish packing and getting on the trail.

I have one new problem…. (more…)

0919 TRT: Day 8

0919 TRT: Day 8

September 19: 8 miles

Galena Falls over Relay peak to Gray Lake…

Sherman wakes me up. It’s windy and cold. The weather forecast I get on the Inreach SE is for lows around 30. I take him out for a quick walk then we snuggle back in under the quilt and wait for the sun to show above the mountains. I doze and wake a few times. About 8 we’re both awake and I start to slowly put things together in the tent.

The wind has let up a bit, but it’s still biting. I get food for both of us, crawl into the tent where we both eat out of the wind.