Deconstruction of The Donald #1

Have thought about whether to write about how the world occurs to me outside of the hiking life. Largely I don’t want to piss of any of you that are enjoying the travelogue. But… the world has gotten so fucking weird that it just has to come out…
When The Donald was elected, I went into shock and awe. Is this really the country I live in? I devoured the news to see what happened. Then, realized that they had it all wrong. It wasn’t the Democratic Party, It wasn’t Comey, it wasn’t voter suppression. It wasn’t the sabotage of Bernie. Yes, they all played a part. But there’s a bigger cycle at play here.
Trump is NOT an accident. The right has been planing this for a long time. It’s also part of the cycle the US has been through since it’s beginning. Move a bit too far socially and the corporations and their police/national guard/military come in and slap everyone down violently. Then the next phase of social building begins. Three steps forward, two steps back. Round and round.