You can track me at this link:
There will only be data on this map when I’m hiking, or driving through an area where there is no cell reception.
When hiking, it allows you to generally track our progress on a trek. The device creates an updated location signal every 30 minutes. However, that doesn’t mean that it gets to the satellite and to the map in that time frame. It can happen that because of the location I’m hiking that signals may bunch up and send in batches as the signal gets stronger. So… don’t panic if you see me moving every 30 minutes and then don’t see any movement for a while. When I see data collecting, I try to find a better connection spot. I also try to remember to send a message to the map at the end of day saying “we’re stopping here”.
When driving through an area with no reception, it allows you to see where we are on a daily basis.
Please don’t send messages to the map. They take a long time – 15-30 minutes to be received at the quickest. Instead send a normal text or email. If hiking or driving without signal, I’ll get them at my next stop in a town and will respond.