PHOTO: Testing out the tent in Libbey Park. Haven’t used this tent in 5 years. Needed to be sure I remembered how to set it up and that I had all the parts. Success on both.

Sherman and I are heading back to The Tahoe Rim Trail on Wednesday the 18th, picking up the section we didn’t complete because I rolled by ankle.

The ankle and knee are now fine after some wonderful physical therapy support with Joanna at Swanner Physical Therapy.

We’re starting at Echo Lake and going through the Desolation Wilderness up to Tahoe City. It’s 50-60 miles depending on how many mountain lakes we hike down to to camp. It’ll take us 6-7 days.

I’ll be writing and photoing as we go. If I have strong enough cell signal along the way I’ll do some posting from the trail.

If no signal, I’ll do the posting from Tahoe City the night we stay over before driving home.

I’ll be carrying my inReach SE which sends a GPS ping to the map you can find on Click the Map link in the Menu. The device also allows me to communitace with Search and Rescue if needed.

Sherman and I didn’t do as much preparation hiking as in past years. I think we’re ready. But we won’t find out until we actually hit the trail and it’s 7500-10,000 ft elevation.

We plan on being back by the 27th if all goes according to plan.

Enjoy! We will…

Much love,

Wyn and Sherman